Monday, June 12, 2006

It's True!

Yes, the news is real...Magic Scraps is coming to an end...but not for a few more months so STOCK UP! Everything is truly a collectors item now :)

It's sad news but when one door closes, another always opens. I have no regrets and am really looking forward to the road ahead.

A few months ago, I caught the digital bug. This is not to say that I don't still love paper scrapping - I really do! But my #1 concern is documenting my family's history and since I have not yet discovered how to live without sleep, going digital was my only option. Once I was hooked, I knew I needed to spread the word and that's exactly what I hope to with Polka Dot Potato. We've started as a starting place for a far reaching idea. We are interested in teaching hands-on digital classes so in the DFW area so if you are local, please e-mail me. (

If you haven't heard the news, here's the press release:


Advantus Corporation
Phone: 904.482.0091
Fax: 904.482.0099

Advantus to discontinue Magic Scraps

Jacksonville, Florida, June 12, 2006 – Advantus Corporation and Ashley Smith have announced that they will be discontinuing the Magic Scraps line of products beginning January 1, 2007. This was a mutual decision by both Ashley Smith, founder of Magic Scraps, and Kevin Carpenter, President of Advantus Corp.

Advantus will continue to sell Magic Scraps Scrappy Glue and Scrappy Tape on a go forward basis. The remaining Magic Scraps inventory will be available for sale while supplies last.

When asked about the decision to discontinue the Magic Scraps line of products, Kevin Carpenter said, “Advantus is committed to our craft and hobby division. At this time we find it necessary to focus our resources on the Cropper Hopper and Heidi Swapp brands. With the pending addition of two new major brands to be revealed at CHA Winter 2007, we made the difficult decision to discontinue Magic Scraps.”

Ashley Smith added, “I’m thankful for the experience that Advantus has given me, but I’m an entrepreneur at heart and happiest when I’m running my own business.”

Ashley and her husband Ben will be launching a new venture in digital scrapbooking, Polka Dot Potato (


Pamela Lambie said...


I am so happy for you and your new endeavor. Everything happens in it's own time and for a reason.

I predict a huge success for you, Ben and all that are involved.

Hugs to you and best of luck.


JenniferO said...


I am so excited for you! It has been a long time since we first met. It is hard to keep a business person down for long! I just sold Fairytale Creations and was going to take it easy...that lasted about a month! Ha Ha! Now I have two more businesses going!

If you need anything let me know and lets keep in touch too. I'll miss seeing you at the shows.

"The Chalk Lady"

Jennifer Lynn said...

I think the best is still yet to come. One door closes, another opens - and all that (blah blah - I know you've heard it). Let's face it - you are a trendsetter and are going to rock everyone's socks off with your new digital ventures. I really think you are going to do amazing things - again.

curdiemer said...

On to bigger and better things. I wish you lots of luck and success!

Tami Potter said...


As always you are a woman on the cutting edge!I don't think there is any doubt that digital is the future and you will be right there leading the way.

Can't wait to see where you take us.