Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A few days off

I've managed to take a couple of days off...kind of. Sunday and Monday were consumed with taxes. I am so lame. I put off turning everything in until the very last second. It's such a terrible habit. My brain hurt so badly by the time I was done.

Yesterday, we headed to the fair. It was $3 Dr. Pepper Tuesday and the rides were discounted too. We blew $200 on our day of fun...which I can only justify with the fact that we didn't have a summer vacation. We did more games and rides than ever before and really just lived it up! We all agree that it was our very best time ever at the fair.

We took Nolen's friend, Abby, with us. As he puts it, if there were a girl he liked, this would be the one. :)

My dad, mom, step-dad, brother and nephew were all at fair at some point so we got to see lots of family.

I love the fair. I can't even explain my deep love for it all. The food, the people watching, the corny dogs and cotton candy...the trashiness of it all! I'm sure my adoration for the tradition of the fair dates back to my childhood, and I have no doubt that I'm instilling that same love in my kids.

Apparently Ella over did it at the fair. At 2 am I was awoken with the horrible gagging sound of throw up. She threw up right on Gracie's bare belly. And then Gracie rolled over on top of it. I gave the girls a bath and put clean sheets on the bed. Then Ella threw up again, this time, sparing Gracie. She threw up for the last time at 4 am. It was a rough night. I stressed myself out so much with the thought of her having a virus that I gave myself a splitting headache. But she woke up happy and healthy...and hungry so all is okay.

This afternoon, I took the girls to a kid's art place called Pee Wee Picasso. They had a little toddler time where the girls heard a story and then did a little art project. It was a nice little adventure for a Wednesday afternoon.

Tomorrow is back to the grind. I'm to the point that I have so many projects in mid stage that I want pull the covers over my head. Does being stuck in a hospital bed ever sound good to you? It does to me. That's where I'm at.

Hopefully I'll actually finish a few things tomorrow and Friday. We'll see!


curdiemer said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun at the fair. I think the last time I went was '04.

I'm glad Ella is feeling better. What all did she eat?

Funky Finds said...

hey girl! i was wondering what your email address is now. i still have your magic scraps addy.

jessica :)

Lllib Mertins said...

This blog is really interesting! I just clicked next blog, and this one came up. To be honest, it's more fun reading other people's blogs than making my own!

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