Friday, September 26, 2008


Has it really been a month? Where did the time go?

Life is in full swing! Between my mom and Mother's Day Out, I theoretically have 18 hours of child-free work hours every week... not that it always turns out that way. Unfortunately it's still not enough to feel caught up. Between awesome business opportunities and projects that keep popping up and my love for PTA and church volunteer work, I'm pretty darn busy. But, I really do love it.

Nolen and Gracie celebrated their birthdays this month. We are going to have Nolen's party in October but we still made it a special day for him. I decorated his locker and took Taco Bueno to him for lunch. It was a total blast.

Gracie doesn't have a party scheduled... but I'm hoping I'll still pull something together. We still had a special day on her birthday. She and I went to Build-a-Bear...alone...and spent some quality time at Firewheel Mall. In July, Gracie got a bear she named Moonie. Moonie was a girl when we bought her but a boy when she came home. And then Moonie went missing... (obviously he/she had issues so I can only assume she ran away to find her/himself.) So, Gracie was hellbent on buying another Moonie. This time Moonie started out as a boy, and is still a boy as far as I can tell.

Something fun - I created a Free with $5 purchase template this morning! Just spend $5 at Polka Dot Potato and it will be automatically added to your shopping cart! Enjoy!

I've received some emails about classes. I will start them up again pretty soon - just have to get a few big projects under control and I will schedule some. You can catch me at Gotta Scrap too! I'll work on some templates for those book covers - I should have thought before now.