Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goodyear...Good Times...

The girls are funny. They can even make a mundane task like getting the oil changed a most entertaining event!

My car has been begging for a oil change for quite some time, so I gave Ben & Nolen an hour of peace and quiet and took the girls to Goodyear. They have TV there...and a comfy couch. And since we don't have TV, this was some seriously simple entertainment. I started flipping through the channels and found Jon and Kate Plus 8. I had heard of this show, many times, and was thrilled to catch a minute of it. The girls were highly amused too. We saw Maddy get her ears pierced and Ella decided she now likes her ears "just the way they are". Time to channel surf some more.

I flipped to Discovery Health's Babies: Special Delivery. And quickly kept going. "Was that a baby being borned?" screamed Ella. "Yes, Ella"... "I want to see!!!!"..."No Ella, this isn't the place"..."NO MOMMMY!! I WANT TO SEE"...I glanced around and the only person in the vicinity was a lady laughing at us, so I flipped back and let Ella watch. "Mommy, I need to know how this works!" Seriously?? Oh my gosh, what an uncomfortable minute!

The baby came out and I got permission to switch the channel. Finally, I found the cartoon block of channels. And Little Bear was on. Gracie watched it for a second and exclaimed "Cat's don't talk!" (I guess bears and ducks do...) But neither was the least bit entertained by Little Bear and started throwing their shoes at each other.

Luckily, our name was called and our time was up. They really are funny girls. It's hard not to laugh all day!


Laynie said...

I'm glad you've experienced the joys of Jon & Kate plus 8. You will have to watch an episode where they show the younger kiddos more though, they are the best.

curdiemer said...

Apparently my OB has been on Special Delivery at least once. They seem to have many episodes at Baylor.

Sounds like a grand time at the shop :)

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