Thursday, April 17, 2008


What a wild spring it's been! I wish I had some fabulous update, but really I don't. I've been very busy doing a few big volunteer projects. I completed Nolen's school yearbook last week which was a MAJOR task. You can take a peek here. And check out all that cool artwork. Wonder where that came from? I mostly used Laura Ping's kits but threw a litte Kim Crothers and Summer Simmons in there too. It was a monumental task but worth it.

The other thing I've been working on is the RBFC Women's Retreat. I was the publicity chair - another big job. The retreat is this weekend and I'm so looking forward to the time to renew. I'm going with my childhood friend, Tracy! We haven't been to "camp" together in many, many years. I can't believe we actually get to hangout together for the entire weekend!

I've been playing on Facebook over the last few days - and I'm "collecting" friends so I can beat my husband's number. But don't tell him. You can visit me here.

I also made a fan page for PDP. This is really cool because we'll be using Facebook to send out special announcements and coupon codes. Don't miss out - become a PDP fan! Check it out here!


ashli kay wolf said...

oh MY goodness...that is what ALL yearbooks should look like...send me the 411 about how to get these for my schooL! i would LOVE it..and $27 is amazing! awesome work! xoxo.ash

Ashley said...

I actually did the pages in Photoshop Elements using PDP art and uploaded them through the online software Taylor Publishing provided. I just can't wait to see the real deal!

Ben said...

Oh, it's ON now! I wonder where I can scrub up some new Facebook friends...?

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