Friday, February 08, 2008

Looks who's at PDP!

Awesome news today! Donna Downey products are now available at PDP! That's right, Donna does digi! I just finished uploading all of her fonts as brushes and PNGs. Don't miss the complete collection for $14.99! It's like getting one of the sets FREE! Take a look here!

I'm leaving for CHA in a few hours and of course there's lots more I wanted to get done before I leave but I'm nearly out of time. Looks like Ben will be getting a "honey-do" email from me. I'll be exhibiting this show in the Creative Imaginations booth. I'm so excited! I'll be showing and talking about our Partner Program for independent scrapbook stores. So if you have a store, please stop by and talk to me. You seriously don't want to miss out - It's so awesome! I'll also be talking to about 100 store owners in a class sponsored by Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine. I can't wait to share the partner program and the hybrid class I taught recently at Gotta Scrap. It honestly went over better than I ever could have expected! It was perfect!

Such exciting stuff but I hate, hate, hate leaving my kids. Especially to go to every kid's dream place - Disneyland. I get so sad watching giggling preschoolers runny around Downtown Disney! Maybe someday the girls will get to come with. Jean and I took Nolen and Tessa way back when and it was wonderful! Who knows!?

Okay, off to drag the suitcase down from the attic. With a little luck, I'll have another fun announcement later today.


curdiemer said...

You've certainly been busy. I'm praying for you today as you head off to California. Have a blast!!

Krystal Hartley said...

Good luck with your trip, your marketing, and hugs to those kids!

Glad to thear the Gotta Scrap thing was a big success!!! I meant to ask and totally got sidetracked with the sick kids.

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